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Jesus The Bread of Life

In John chapter 6, we find Jesus declaring that He is the Bread from Heaven. Jesus came to bring God's kingdom, will, and everlasting life down to man. Our heart, in seeking the Lord, must expand from just the physical needs and cares to the eternal spiritual plans of our Lord. The comparison in Scripture is made between the manna given to the children of Israel and Jesus the Bread from Heaven. We try very hard to get all the right proteins, grains, and vegetables in our diet to be healthy, and yet every necessary nutrient was in manna. The children of Israel had every life sustaining nutrient that was needed. We also have every life sustaining, even eternal life sustaining, nutrient in Jesus our Bread from Heaven.


All that we need for life is found in Jesus, and the things to sustain life will be more spiritual then physical. Jesus desires to bring His followers to a place where their reasons for follow Him would move beyond their hunger and physical needs and into His Kingdom work. The Lord came down from Heaven to start a work, and His desire is for you and me to continue it. Our fulfillment in life can only come form this work that He has for us to do. So let our hearts ask of the Lord each day, what is the work that He has for us to do. You'll be amazed on how He will direct every step of your life, and your heart will be filled with His presence along the way.


Jesus said, “ I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.”


In Jesus' Love Kirk

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